ABOUT Hotel Utopia

Hotel in Daringbadi

ABOUT Hotel Utopia

A couple of things you should know about Daringbadi.

  • Altitude 3000ft. Kandhamal District.
  • The story about the snowfall is not entirely correct. Actually, what happened was that, in winters the temperature drops below zero and the dew on the grass turns into ice.
  • The majority of the population is Christians. There are around 200+ churches in the 15 km radius.
  • The local language is Kui.
  • The tribes here are Kuthia Kondo and Dongia kondho.
  • Though Kuthia kondho has adapted living in the modern civilization, the Dongia tribe is very primitive.

Never seen a mirror. They shy away from civilization. They live in the dense forest and trade through barter system. It is said they fear the civilized man, so avoid coming out of the forest at all.

  • The Dongia Tribe is found in Belghar, which is around 100 kms from Daringbadi.
  • Their village is also recognized as International Eco village. The Demsa Dance is a sight to behold. A trip to Belgarh would require you to trek three miles.
  • On the other hand the Kuthia tribe can be seen around Daringbadi itself. Their faces are covered in tattoo.

Legend has it, that women of this tribe were extremely beautiful. Long time back, The RaJah, used to take women away from the tribe. Therefore, to protect the women, the faces were tattooed at a very young age.

  • Though Daringbadi is a summer destination, would be great in winters as well.
  • Light woolen are required after sun down. During the day it is quite warm.
  • A flash light would be nice, if you decide to go for walk at night. The place is safe and there are no snakes.
  • Khandhamal is almost covered with dense forests and mountains which provide shelter to the in habitants like kondhs, classified under the ancient Gondid.
  • The district is best wood with the beauty of nature so Daringibadi also has wild-life, scenic beauty, a bracing climate and meandering ghat roads for Tourists who need to relax.