Hotel Utopia is centrally located at Main road, Daringbadi from the district of Kandhamala. Daringbadi is a beautiful summer destination especially for "hillstation lovers" of Eastern India. Khandhamal is almost covered with dense forests and mountains which provide shelter to the inhabitants like kondhs, classified under the ancient Gondid. The district is best wood with the beauty of nature so Daringibadi also has wild-life, scenic beauty, a bracing climate and meandering ghat roads for Tourists who need to relax.


About Daringbadi

Popularly known as the "Kashmir of Odisha", Daringbadi beckons with an astounding variety of natural beauty. Situated at an altitude of 3000 ft in the Kandhamal district, this hill station holds great appeal for those...

Our Best

These rooms are furnished with good work area and comfortable equipments. A king size bed with high quality mattress & pillow is available. Classic stylish furniture including work table suitable mainly for business clients, who are looking for privacy.

Comfortable rooms with excellent mattresses for undisturbed sleep. As rooms contain a large storage area, a desk and a modern fitted bathroom with a bathtub or a shower cubicle. Breakfast in the form of a cold or warm buffet and Wi-Fi internet connection.