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Welcome to Utopia Hotels & Resorts

We are an established Hotel chain in Daringbadi which is serving customers coming to Daringbadi since 2013. If you’re looking for a trip to Daringbadi, and explore the natural beauty of Kashmir of Odisha and are not quite sure about the hotels in Daringbadi, then there is nothing to worry about. As in Daringbadi, you have Utopia Hotels and Resorts waiting to welcome you. We had started with just 10 Rooms with Hotel Utopia in 2013 which was the first hotel in this place. At that time Daringbadi was not as popular as it has become today as a Nature Tourism site. Now with our addition of “Utopian Homes” and “Utopia Resort”, we have a staggering 38 rooms in total.

We are the only hotel chain in Daringbadi which boasts of an in-house hygienic restaurant that is in service of our guests only. We have our own proper free parking space so that, you need not worry if you are coming with your own vehicle. We serve our guests to the fullest and best possible way and there are a few facilities that are available in our hotel some of which are exclusive to us which makes us different from all others in Daringbadi. That is the reason why Utopia Group is always a preferred destination for travellers while exploring this nature blessed Daringbadi. Starting from Pick-up to sight-seeing to comfortable stay to restaurant till drop-off, we provide the best 360 degrees services in Daringbadi at the best prices, so that you need not worry about small things and could enjoy this nature’s beauty with ease and create an unforgettable holiday experience.

Our Story

Here’s our proud Journey in Hospitality Industry in Daringbadi:

Started with Hotel Utopia in 2013

It is the first Hotel in Daringbadi & witnessed the rise of Daringbadi Hospitality industry.

Hotel Utopia Exterior Full View

Built Utopian Homes in 2016

Primarily build with the intention to provide a calm place to stay and relax in the outskirts of Daringbadi.

Started Utopia Resort in 2020

It was built with the primary aim to provide a sense of luxury, surrounded by lush green mountains and inimitable serenity the resort promises to create memorable experiences.

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